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If you like Hearts of Iron 2 or World War II themed wargames, I suggest you take a look at Struggling Leaders of World War II, which is in preparations for second game. You can participate in many ways.

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This site is dedicated to things I really like. As an ordinary child, I love to play. Whether it is computer game, card game, board game, sport game or any other leisure activity, I really like it. Having spent quite some time playing Paradox games, I can responsibly say they are the best you can get in that genre. If you come here, you probably already know that. So, look around, find what you need and enjoy yourself.

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Today in Cologne, Germany, Pradox announced their next big release. It will be Victoria 2, sequel to 19th century grand strategy game. Victoria is dream of strategy gamer, taking best from other Paradox game combining it into well balanced mix of diplomacy, politics, economy and warfare. It is scheduled on 2010.

Paradox announced their third expansion for Europa Universalis 3 game called Heir to the Throne. Little is known about this one yet, only that it should hit us on December 2009.

It's here, Hearts of Iron 3 was just released. You can download it from GamersGate, if you pre-ordered your copy should be on the way if you don't have it yet. Alongside with the release, official website was lauchned. And day 0 patch is also available, 1.1.

Hearts of Iron 3 demo is now available for download. You can find mirrors hosting it on PI forums.

Yesterday afternoon Johan of Paradox posted PDF version of Hearts of Iron 3 manual on PI forums. It is 80 pages long and should give you basic understanding of what to expect from the game. Demo should come out later today.

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This utility lets you alter map files of Paradox games based on EU engine.

The purpose of this program is very simple: to automate things and make your life easier. If you are one of those who do not want to do bother with any hexaediting of the Hearts of Iron, Hearts of Iron 2. Europa Universalis 2, Victoria or Crusader Kings, this program is probably the right one for you.

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Setting up everything for multiplayer isn't that easy when the games played are those made by Paradox Interactive. There are few things you need to keep in mind. Sometimes you need to dwell little more into configuration of your router than you'd like and it often needs lot of patience, but it's doable. Let's take a look at it closer.

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